Email security unlike any other

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Why Criptext

Stacking up against the rest

End to end encryption
Doesn‘t manage your keys
Doesn‘t collect email data
Forward Secrecy
Signal Protocol
All our code is open source, which makes it easy for you to verify that our software works as we say it does.
The Criptext Difference

Criptext: a more private way to email

Unlike most secure email services which use PGP, Criptext encrypts all emails with an open source encryption called Signal Protocol in order to give each user better privacy protection. The encryption we use is designed to protect your data and prevent third parties (including Criptext) from having access to your emails and attachments.

Forward Secrecy

Every email is encrypted with its own unique key. This means that if a key is compromised it cannot be used to access your entire inbox.

Multi-Device Enabled

All the content of your mailbox will be synchronized securely across all your devices. Every device has their own set of keys, so every email is encrypted multiple times, once per each device of the recipient(s).

Decentralized Architecture

All your emails and private keys are stored solely on your device. Once Criptext delivers an email there‘s no trace of it left in our servers whatsoever.


Security meets ease of use

Criptext‘s unique encryption process is sophisticated, yet easy to understand.

Alice sends an email to Bob

Encryption begins

The email is encrypted with Bob‘s public key.


Attachments get encrypted

Attachments are encrypted using an ephemeral AES key, which is safely stored inside the encrypted content of the email.


Email reaches Criptext

Criptext servers receive the email and send it to the recipients.


Email is read

The email is decrypted using Bob‘s private key which is stored on his device alone.

Bob receives the email

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