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  • Can I send secure emails to people who don’t have Criptext?
  • Why am I asked to put a passphrase when sending encrypted emails?
  • Can I send a non-encrypted email from Criptext?
  • Can I receive normal, non-encrypted emails?
  • How do I send non-encrypted emails?
  • Can I send un-encrypted emails to Criptext emails addresses?
  • If I am not signed into the app will I miss emails that were sent to me?
  • What will happen if I am logged in but the device is not power on?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What‘s the catch?
  • Can I use Criptext without an internet connection?
  • What will happen if I am logged in but the device is not power on?
  • Why does Criptext asks to add a recovery email?
  • Does Criptext support multiple accounts?
  • Do my recipients need to create an account to open my emails?
  • How many devices can I link to my account?
  • Can I unsend an email after it was read?
  • Can I undo an unsend action?
  • Why can‘t I unsend an email?
  • How do I unsend an email?
  • How does Criptext Sync inboxes between device?
  • Can I login my Criptext account in a third party email client like microsoft outlook or thunderbird?
  • Is Criptext a SMTP, POP or IMAP service?


  • I’ve lost my device, can I revoke access to my account?
  • I lost my device, can I recover my emails?
  • Why don’t I see any of my emails?
  • How do I recover my password if I didn’t set up a recovery email?

Email Tracking

  • How do I silence tracking notifications?
  • How often does Criptext notify when a sent email is read?
  • If I email a person that doesn’t have Criptext, will I still get notified when they read my email?

Security Questions

  • What information do you store about me?
  • Can Criptext read my emails?
  • Does Criptext keep a backup of my emails?
  • How can I trust Criptext apps don’t have any backdoors?
  • Is Criptext federated? Can I run my own Criptext instance in a private server like Wire or Mastodon?
  • How are my emails secured?
  • What is Signal Protocol?
  • Does Criptext have access to my encryption keys?
  • How does Criptext encrypt emails sent to non-Criptext email addresses?


  • What is the attachments size limit?
  • How many emails can I send?
  • Where are attachments stored?


  • Do government entities have access to my Criptext emails?
  • How do I know Criptext isn’t reading my data while it’s in transit?
  • Does Criptext have a transparency report?
  • Will Criptext notify me if the government requests my data?
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