Quite possibly the most private email service — ever

Encrypted. Private. Simple.
Criptext is an encrypted email service that guarantees security, privacy and control over all your email communications. We don‘t have access to your emails nor do we store them in our servers.
You‘re in control now.

Simply the most private
way to email

Advanced email security and privacy
like never before puts you in control.

End-to-End Encryption

All your emails are locked with a unique key that‘s stored on your device alone, which means only you and your intended recipient can read the emails you send.

Open Source

Criptext‘s source code is open to the entire privacy community to see. We actively work with our open source community to improve on the software in order to provide the best email experience.

Signal Protocol

The Criptext email service utilizes the open source Signal Protocol library, which protects your privacy and security throughout your entire Criptext experience.

No Cloud Storage

Criptext doesn‘t store any emails in its servers. All your emails are stored on your device alone, which means you‘re in control of your data at all times.

We know that privacy isn‘t just about encryption, which is why Criptext doesn‘t store any emails in our servers.
Criptext Puts You In Control

Powerful Features

Unsend Emails

Unsend Emails

Take back emails after being sent

Sent the email to the wrong person? Criptext lets you take back an email within an hour from the time it was sent.

Real-time Email tracking

Real-time Email tracking

Know when emails and attachments are read

With real-time tracking you can know once your email is read by a specific recipient.

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