Secure Enterprise Messaging and Email

Protect your entire company against information leakage

Security that goes beyond encryption

Control your information

Today, the minute you send an email or a text, you immediately lose control of your information. This is no longer true for companies that are using Criptext's secure patent pending email and messaging services.

Avoid information leakage

Information leakage can cost your company millions of dollars a year. You cannot control what your employees say, so use a medium that protects the confidentiality and integrity of your company no matter what they say.

Conduct business securely

Most leaks happen through human error. Don't risk your business operations by using unsecure communications platforms. Abide by NDA's and ensure mergers or acquisitions happen by using Criptext.

Complex security made simple

Secure messaging

Messages are encrypted, untraceable and screenshot-proof to protect you

Self-destructing texts

Texts self-destruct within 15 seconds once opened for your protection

No records

All your text data is deleted from our servers and your phones

Secure email

End-to-end encryption secures your information's confidentiality

Self-destructing emails

Emails self-destruct within 45 seconds once opened for extra security

Recallable emails

Take back any email you've sent at anytime if it hasn't been open

It's a simple process

Criptext is not an app that you can just download and start using. Instead, your company acquires Criptext services and your IT Manager adds you as a user. All the users within a company are centrally managed by an easy-to-use web administrator panel.

Starting is as simple as 1-2-3